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About our legacy - Dr Judy Hinwood &

Dr John Hinwood

– Global Leaders in Stress Management and Emotional Resilience

Drs Judy Hinwood and John Hinwood founded the Stress Management Institute (SMI) and Stress to Strength (STS) in early 2013, based on their 17 years of intensive experience as primary healthcare practitioners as practicing chiropractors, having specialised in stress management and wellness. They then moved into a management role for 20 years as consultants, coaches and mentors to primary and allied healthcare practitioners.

In 1991 they founded The Centre for Powerful Practices and quickly developed a client base of predominately Doctors of Chiropractic in Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Canada, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Guam, Spain and Italy. They coached, mentored and consulted with practitioners and presented as guest lecturers at many universities and colleges around the world on the human side of practice. Stress management tools and strategies for these practitioners were always high on the agenda. After 21 years they sold this company to seven of the fourteen consultants and coaches they had trained and mentored.

Dr John Hinwood passed away in March, 2020.

The Hinwood Institute is committed to continuing the good work of both Dr John & Judy Hinwood, helping people deal with the rigors of modern life, both in their private lives and their careers.

The Hinwood Institute is committed to provide knowledge, tools and strategies so that individual can manage their stress and transform it into a source of strength so they can bounce back as they are more emotionally resilient. Their quest is to continue to reach a global audience, to bring clear and purposeful calm to as many people as they can and support businesses to increase their productivity by having work teams who are emotionally resilient.

The Stress to Strength® system, developed by Dr John & Judy Hinwood, teaches individuals how to gain mastery over stress.

Another aspect of their work was an innovative approach to the crippling stress dilemma in the workplace. Through tireless research, they developed tools and training programs that focus on primary interventions that eliminate or minimise the stressors.

There are two groups in the workplace who are currently neglected, the ‘worried well’ and ‘working wounded’. Both of these groups are where this approach is very effective.

Overcoming life-threatening cancer in 1983, Judy Hinwood demonstrated how harnessing the power of the mind through visualisation, accompanied by diet adjustments and natural healing techniques, a body can shift from a state of extreme stress, to a state of strength, integration and harmony. 

Dr Judy dedicates herself to teaching how to prevent and manage stress, to avoid the ruinous toll it takes on people’s lives, health, career and business. She teaches how to tap into resources that renew body, mind and spirit. Her audience is often amazed that the techniques are easy, practical and can be instantly applied, leading to a calmer and more rewarding life. Sciences of the mind and biology of belief underpin and confirm her mastery of this evidence based work.

Judy’s outstanding book, “Stress to Strength…Mind Tools to Calm, Connect and Create” has 36 proven visualisation tools, each with associated conversations that supports the reader to take full control of their life.

Healing meditations and visualisations are key elements in the healing process to support individuals to move from stress to strength and create a work-life balance that moves people into clear calm. Judy has been heavily involved in the meditation arena on a daily basis for 35 years. As a master of this discipline she workshops with fellow master practitioners on a weekly basis also.

John Hinwood earned his reputation as “The Miracle Man” as the Founder of the Expect A Miracle School in 2008, a global movement that focuses on the power of mindset and healing to enable individuals to rewire mind and brain pathways.

John, with Judy assisting, is the author of seven book titles in the “You Can EXPECT A MIRACLE” book series. They have published over twenty hard cover and e-book titles as well as many audio and video programs.

A gifted, funny and energetic storyteller, John presented key-note speeches and workshops to CEO’s, Business Owners, Corporate Executives and Senior Management around the world.

His audiences quickly discovered how they could break free from the stress that was holding them back. John’s seasoned and perceptive approach allowed him to draw from a formidable armoury of proven stress solutions.

He revolutionised the approach to stress management. His solution was recognised as being highly reliable in saving time, energy and money for individuals, businesses and corporations, while also allowing the individual to enjoy a heightened state of good health. He had an innate talent to touch, move and inspire others.

As a long-term President of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation John created a bridge to make scientific, evidence based information easy to understand and apply in daily life.

In March, 2021 The Hinwood Institute was formed, to not only honour the body of work created by Dr. John and Dr. Judy Hinwood, but to continue to develop and deliver the existing resources.

John was a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress. Judy is an Associate Fellow of The Australian Institute of Management, and they are Fellow and Member of the Australasian College of Chiropractors. John was a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors.

They have received humanitarian awards in Australia and the United States, and many other distinguished awards. They have published several papers in academic journals.

Judy Hinwood DC, Dip PE, Cert LC, Cert IV SMP, Cert IV T & A, MACC, FAIS, AFAIM

John Hinwood DC, Dip PE, Cert LC, Cert IV SMP, Cert IV T & A, FACC, FICC, FAIS, FAIM